Detroit Shipping Company is a 10,000 square foot structure constructed using 21 refurbished shipping containers. The goal was to take something seasoned and well-traveled and give it a new life. A bit of a metaphor for the city. The structure has 19 40' containers, 3 20' containers. There are 88 cuts in the containers, rimmed by over 19 tons of steel. The building is two levels, half indoor, and half outdoor.

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The first floor interior features five restaurant containers, Bar 01, bathrooms and a courtyard for seating.

Outside, you'll find Bar 02, a stage and our outdoor lounge - as well as more courtyard seating.

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On the second level interior you'll find a coffee and ice cream shop, The Bridge Lounge - our largest private space, deck seating and the West Gallery.

Outside you'll find deck seating, the East Gallery and a pop-up retail container.

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Building designed by Independent Design Architects, principle Dominic Walbridge, who has been working on the project with us since it was just a casual conversation about dropping two containers in a field, throwing down some picnic tables and calling it a beer garden. He's also our friend and a pretty good guy.