For July / August not all restaurants will be open.
Please check website and Facebook for availability.


July 16
Brujo Tacos & Tapas, Bangkok 96 Street Food & Coop Caribbean Fusion will be open.


Introducing Detroit Shipping Co.

The food of a five-star restaurant.
The atmosphere of a beer garden.
The walls of a shipping container. 

Detroit Shipping Co. is a restaurant collective and beer garden featuring five unique food-truck style eateries, two full service bars, a coffee and ice cream booth, a small stage, galleries for local artists and retailers, and two private lounges. All constructed from refashioned shipping containers. And all located within a few miles of everything you already love about Detroit. 

Find Great Food.  With a variety of high quality, reasonably priced food options, no other location will be able to match the combination of variety and quality offered by Detroit Shipping. Each time you come, you can have a completely different experience.

Host Your Event.  At a one of a kind place. Bringing your group of up to 1200 people to Detroit Shipping and give them a premium, unique experience.

Be Entertained.  Find art and music and retail. Detroit Shipping Co. will have events on nights and weekends, as well as semi-permanent art installations and pop-up retail. 

Be Amazed. By the architecture, thoughtfully designed common areas and unique building materials.



474 Peterboro Street
Detroit, MI 48201

Mon   11am - 12am
Tue     11am - 12am
Wed   11am - 12am
Thu    11am - 12am
Fri      11am - 2am
Sat     11am - 2am
Sun    11am - 12am

Now Open:
Bangkok 96 Street Food
Coop Caribbean Fusion
Brujo Taco & Tapas (Opens July 16)
Podcast Detroit
Armadillo Printwear

Coming Soon:
Bread Meats Bread
-320 Coffee and Creamery

DSC Gear


The food, the food, the food. We went through an extensive and gluttonous screening process to bring together six unique, chef-driven partner restaurants. Each brings a simple but refined menu, offering a new take on a classic. So you can eat, eat and eat again. Did we mention food?


Brujo means sourcerer. In this case, that sourcerer is Chef Petro, conjouring up delicious, interesting tacos, montaditos and a variety of latillas - a delicacy imported from Spain.



Inspired by Chef Genevieve Vang's Hmong heritage, this sister restaurant to Bangkok 96 brings you food normally found during backpacking trips along the Mekong River and in the streets of Bangkok. This is not your typical Thai menu 

COOP copy.jpg



Celebrity Chef Max Hardy brings you his take on Caribbean fusion. Using locally sourced ingredients, COOP offers up 24-hour marinated chicken - bringing the heat with their signature Scotch Bonnet Pepper.



Who doesn't love coffee and ice cream? However, this isn't your standard scoop. The secret to -320’s rich and creamy ice cream is the instant freezing of the organic and all natural ingredients with liquid nitrogen, which is -320°F.



This exotic international burger and fries joint is making its way across the water, all the way from Windsor to Detroit. Interesting spins on burgers paired with classic, and not-so-classic, authentic poutine. Pairs nicely with a Motor Craft Ale.



Another international offering, Chef David brings his vision of fine dining in a sandwich from Windsor to Detroit. The basic elements are there - the bread, the meats, and the bread - but the sandwiches are anything but ordinary.



Whether you're hosting a meeting, a happy hour, dog-walker meet-up, charity ball, Magic: The Gathering tournament, tailgate before a Tiger's game, speed dating event, or even a wedding, Detroit Shipping Company offers a one-of-a-kind facility in the heart of Cass Corridor. For groups of 10, up to 600 people - offer your guests an experience like no other in Detroit.

Our staff is here to help, so let's get started.

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474 Peterboro
Detroit, MI 48201

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Whether you're interested in leasing our pop-up retail space, performing, or just about anything, reach out and let's talk. 

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Detroit Shipping Company is a 10,000 square foot structure constructed using 21 refurbished shipping containers. The goal was to take something seasoned and well-traveled and give it a new life. A bit of a metaphor for the city. The structure has 19 40' containers, 3 20' containers. There are 88 cuts in the containers, rimmed by over 19 tons of steel. The building is two levels, half indoor, and half outdoor.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.10.52 PM.png


The first floor interior features five restaurant containers, Bar 01, bathrooms and a courtyard for seating.

Outside, you'll find Bar 02, a stage and our outdoor lounge - as well as more courtyard seating.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 3.15.39 PM.png


On the second level interior you'll find a coffee and ice cream shop, The Bridge Lounge - our largest private space, deck seating and the West Gallery.

Outside you'll find deck seating, the East Gallery and a pop-up retail container.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.38.22 PM.png

Building designed by Independent Design Architects, principle Dominic Walbridge, who has been working on the project with us since it was just a casual conversation about dropping two containers in a field, throwing down some picnic tables and calling it a beer garden. He's also our friend and a pretty good guy. 

  Top  December 2015: (L to R) Dominic Walbridge, Architect, Jonathan Hartzell and James Therkalsen - naive owners.  Bottom  January 2018: Jon Hartzell (L) and Jim Therkalsen (R), significantly less naive owners.

Top December 2015: (L to R) Dominic Walbridge, Architect, Jonathan Hartzell and James Therkalsen - naive owners. Bottom January 2018: Jon Hartzell (L) and Jim Therkalsen (R), significantly less naive owners.


Jon is an owner and operator of Facilities Management Group, a multi-discipline contracting group that handles development, restaurant equipment sale and purchase, and renovations. He has owned and operated Good Guys Painting - a painting company he co-founded with Jim - in the Metro Detroit Area. He holds a BBA from Northwood University and is a Member of Restaurant Facilities Management Association (RFMA). Jon grew up across the street from James in Royal Oak. He has four sons. Four.

Jim is a writer/creative director who has worked in advertising for the last 15 years at agencies in Detroit and New York. He has developed and led creative for clients such as Nike, Jameson, Absolut, Spotify, MasterCard, and GM. He currently resides in Port Washington, New York, works at Facebook and holds a BBA from the University of Michigan. He grew up across the street from Jon in Royal Oak and has two young daughters. Just two.

They both thank their wives, who have allowed them to chase down this dream and definitely deserve a day at the spa when this is all over. They also thank their friends and family, who invested and believed, despite endless delays and hurdles.