Street Hustla turned Artist- Thomas William Ingram III- better known as Nutty, is a creative from the Brightmoor Community on the Westside of Detroit. Known for his eccentric color schemes and blunt messages. Nutty often molds a world overlooked, by combining street knowledge with life experiences.  Presenting his mindset in a visual form for viewers to decipher it for themselves.  With over 88 visual forms of Art ranging from apparel, graphic novels, gifs, and a plethora of accessories roaming from all around the globe; Nutty stays in a constant state of production- producing exquisite work that helps people from all over identify as individuals. You may even own a piece of his work without even knowing it- and that’s all a part of his agenda. You can catch him and his crew riding through the streets of Detroit in a lime green Ice cream truck selling Art like dope. This is just an Introduction… Meet Your New Dealer.

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Ndubisi Okoye


“I am an Artist with a passion for creativity that tells a story. Through my drawings, I create unique stories that motivate and inspire communities. Growing in Detroit taught me how to work fast, multitask, and to become self-motivated. I love Detroit because it is a city of creative, diverse, and inspirational people. 

The linear, circular, geometric, and organic symbols and patterns represent an improvised rhythm throughout my work that is very musical. They are a visual jazz that gives excitement, interest, and spontaneity to the person or place being captured. My subject matter is drawn from people, places, and social issues in the Black and Christian communities. I believe these people and subject matters can give a unique story of how I see the world.”

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