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Main Gallery Opening: Sanda Cook

ARTIST STATEMENT: “The energy I draw from earthly elements and the cosmos are translated directly to my canvas. In this life, intention and purpose are everything. Abstract painting is my purpose, and while painting, I hold the intention of not just captivating, but healing the soul. My precious happiness, as well as my raw vulnerabilities enter into each piece I create. My work is a testament to the human spirit–a reminder that we are more than just flesh. We are spirits cradled by the spellbinding universe and all its glory.”

ARTIST BIO: Born and raised in Botosani, Romania, Sanda Cook is an award winning artist and sought-after spiritual adviser. Her creative and intuitive gifts became obvious in childhood. She recognized herself as an intuitive at the age of 10, and in her 20’s she spent 2 years in intensive training in the art of Tarot, Palmistry, and Energy Reading.

Sanda’s first art show, at the age of 13, was well-received by the press and public, and she spent the next 6 years in study and practice with her mentor, the late Mihai Bejenaru, winning several art prizes along the way. Bejenaru was an important presence in Sanda’s life, often reminding her, “God gave you a gift. Create, and painting will enrich your soul.”

After high school, Sanda studied Law for 5 years before entering Brasor School of Arts. She received her fine art degree in 1998. Sanda has traveled extensively through Europe, Japan and the United States, settling here in 2004. She regularly shows her art in Detroit, Michigan while also working as a spiritual adviser.

Since 2005 she has advised thousands of clients and is regularly invited to private parties to offer spiritual readings. In 2012, Sanda began to offer painting workshops and soon discovered that the paintings her students created spoke to her the way the tarot did, and she began to offer readings of the paintings as part of the workshop. Her students were not only delighted and entertained, but received valuable wisdom and insight.

Cook maintains that the soul speaks through creative expression, and her passion is to listen and interpret. Sanda is now a full-time artist and art intuitive. She shares her passion for healing and creative expression, along with her spiritual gifts, with hundreds of clients a year through private readings and soul painting sessions live and online, as well as with groups during live workshops.

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