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Sporcle LIVE Trivia

Come play everyone’s favorite live trivia game at everyone’s favorite food hall!

About Sporcle Live:

Our live trivia game format was built from scratch in 2009 and has evolved to it’s current form after being played by hundreds of thousands of people. Our game is delivered to you by a live host. Our hosts aren’t boring drones with a microphone. They have charisma, pizzazz, personality. Oh and they smell good too.


  • Your team registers to play with the host. It’s free to play!

  • Play with friends or test your luck solo.

  • You pick a team name – make it funny, for example ‘A Trivia Team with a Drinking Problem’ or ‘Suck It Trebek.’

  • We play two games in a night that take just under an hour each to complete, which is awesome cause it gives you twice the chances to win a gift card at any given show.

  • Our partnered venues supply gift cards to the top two teams in each game. Gift cards amount vary by location.

  • Don’t forget that we offer the best pub trivia league in the country.This is free to join and the winnings are in addition to gift cards your team may win.


  1. The regular round has ten questions. You’ll be given the categories ahead of time.

  2. You must assign a point value of between 1 and 10 for each answer you provide. You can only use each point value one time per game. Your game sheet will have pre-printed point values on it to help you keep track.

  3. Teams are given 2-3 minutes to turn in an answer to the host. Use of a smart phone, tablet, etc. is punishable by public shaming and/or wedgies.

  4. After the ten regular questions comes the Mystery Round. This will be four questions, rapid fire style, all following the same theme.

  5. After an update on the standings, the final question is read to the teams. Teams can wager up to 20 of the points they had earned to that point on the final question. They must make the wager only knowing the category. After all wagers are in, the host will read the question. If a team gets the answer correct, their wager is added to their score. If it is incorrect, the wager is subtracted from their score. The top teams at the end of this question are awarded the prizes!

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