The taco is the anthem of the young. 

It’s a perfect medium in which we can express our love of food without the pretentiousness of an overpriced retaurant. We can eat out of a paper bowl for dinner if we want to. In fact, we will eat out of a paper bowl.

Brujo, in Spanish, means sourcerer - and Chef Petro is bringing that magic to the taco. Exploring a blend of traditional Mexican techniques and ingredients and flavors from around the world, Brujo’s menu will challenge and delight you. In addition, Brujo will feature an array of tinned seafood - or Latillas, served in the style offered by many tapas restaurants in Spain. 

“With Brujo I am going to push the envelope a bit, take people out of their comfort zone and let loose with some flavors.“ - Chef Petro



Jimmy The Greek
Cinnamon allspice Lamb, fresh dill, spring onion, cucumber garlic yogurt , aged ricotta

Spicy Goat
Rajasthan goat curry, pickled jalapeno, Napa cabbage, basil crema

Juan Solo
house made mole`, chicken,  brujo salsa, cojita, Napa cabbage, dark chocolate shavings

Crispy Cauliflower
chorizo cauliflower, fried egg, avocado, chipotle mayo,  brujo salsa

roasted grasshopper , garlic half fried beans, epozolte pesto, Cojita, smoked pepper crème


Yellowfin Tuna Ventresca (belly)
Sardinillas with Piquillo
Sardines in Tomato Sauce
Mussels in Escabeche


A Montadito is a staple of the culinary arts from Spain. It is a unique tapa-sized rolls of bread similar to a baguette but wider and with a twist.

Brujo Olives - Bay leaf, hot pepper, orange peel, cauliflower
Michigan  - lemon onion, goat cheese , cherry jam, anchovies
Buttermade - Chicken liver pate, Better made potato chip, spanish onion, caper butter.
Artichoke - artichoke heart, garlic sauce, smoked pepper, and evoo drizzle, micro kale

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 5.07.23 PM.png

Meet Chef Petro

Chef Petro Drakopoulos, has spent over 17 years in the food and beverage industry, from Hotdogs to Haute American. As a son of an immigrant family, he has a passion for American dream and how food can impact the people around you. After more then a decade working in downtown Chicago, he moved to Detroit with his wife - a Detroit native - to open Texas De Brazil in Detroit’s Downtown. 

Chef Petro left his corporate job in 2013 to open Republica (Top 10 Patios 2013,14,15 Best French Fries 2014,15,16) in Berkley. Chef Petro returns to downtown with Brujo - Tacos and Tapas.

“When I first came to Detroit in 2011, I opened a corporate steakhouse downtown. Since then I have seen Detroit fight and build, and fight some more. This is truly an amazing city because of its people, hearts and minds.”